The Terremark Singapore data center is a carrier-neutral facility located along Singapore’s Technology Corridor on a campus-like setting within a discreet building ideally suited for the operation of an enterprise-class data center.

Singapore Data Center & SINGAPORE COLOCATION

Verizon Terremark’s Singapore data center site has been designed to eliminate single points of failure and provided graceful degradation with N+1 redundancy.

The Singapore Asia Pacific data center in Singapore is secured by video surveillance, intruder detection and access control systems, which are managed 24x7 by a professional security team. Terremark operators maintain complete facility control via a state of the art building management system that monitors the environmental and mechanical support systems (cooling systems, UPS, generators, etc.).

Raised flooring accommodates all cable containment in a neat and unobtrusive manner for accurate retrace. Floor void is also utilized as an air plenum for cooling of cabinets in Data Center Singapore.


  • 2 No. Main Incoming Supplies from 2No.Transformers each rated at 3000kVA

  • 2 No. Main Distribution Boards (A + B dual redundancy)

  • 2 No. Main Distribution Boards also fed by 3No. 1500kVA Generator Sets

  • Total Capacity of 2000kVA consisting of 5No. 400kVA Static, On-line, Synchronized UPS Units

  • Automatic Static bypass facility and Isolation Transformer (Providing N+1 configuration)

  • Carrier neutral connections to SingTel, Starhub and other service providers

  • Managed N+1 HVAC systems controlling data center environment

  • Integrated Security System managing comprehensive electronic surveillance

  • Two factor access control with biometric and electronic access card for secure personnel authentication

  • Building Management System monitoring and managing electrical, security and mechanical systems

  • INERGEN gas-based automated fire suppression

  • Aspirating VESDA pre-combustion and smoke detection

  • 24x7x365 Security guards

  • Onsite Technical Support Services

  • Service Level Agreements

  • Singapore Colocation

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