Latin America

Verizon Terremark's data center locations in South America are committed to offering customers the innovative cloud computing, IT infrastructure and dedicated hosting solutions critical for competition in in the emerging markets of South America.

South American Data Center LOCATIONS

Verizon Terremark delivers, with a network of Tier-I data centers and cloud servers at strategic locations across the continent. Featuring connections to more than 160 global network carriers, these data centers are able to easily route even peak traffic without interruption. And all our facilities feature extensive backup and security technology, as well as on-site monitoring and technical support to ensure that service is available every minute of every day.

Located in the region's great business gateways, these advanced facilities are ideally suited for linking into international data networks and for the needs of international business travelers, acting as powerful engines for local and global growth.

Latin America Map
Sào Paulo
Cloud-enabled Data Center
Regional Data Center



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