Sometimes even the best protection cannot stop a lawsuit. If you're faced with one, you need a way to easily and comprehensively discover crucial evidence. Improper or insufficient evidence handling can be damaging, resulting in negative press that could be detrimental to your employees, stockholders, and reputation.

If evidence is not properly preserved, your organization can be left exposed to fines, penalties or sanctions – and you could lose your case.

Successful litigation requires a defensible and repeatable electronic discovery process. Our highly specialized experts are ready around the globe to assist you with today's complex litigation support and eDiscovery needs.

  • eDiscovery Readiness Assessment: assistance with translating litigation requirements into best practices

  • Data Collection/Early Case Assessment: evidence collection processes are refined for litigation needs - experts are highly experienced in data discovery from multiple sources while maintaining proper chain of custody

  • Data Processing/Complex Analytics: our approach identifies relevant data quickly and accurately within large volumes of unresponsive data

  • Document Retrieval: our hosted platform provides secure, quick access to documents in native format - case production and reporting capabilities are flexible

  • Electronic Data Recovery: media and file restoration capability is a critical component

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