More and more today, businesses are increasingly dependent on successful and efficient content delivery. Whether they need to deliver news, promotional offers, informational content, streaming media, or deliver software, the challenges in maintaining a global content delivery network are significant.

Businesses need to know they can cost-effectively, predictably and reliably deliver their content without the expense and difficulty of maintaining their own specialized infrastructure. Terremark helps to enable customers to offload the serving of Internet content to geographically distributed edge servers and improve their end-user experience by loading content quickly and streaming content faster. We’ve teamed with Akamai to simplify content delivery and deliver application performance solutions.

Slow performance can turn a site with dynamic web-based applications into an abandoned page. Terremark’s Application Acceleration Services can eliminate bottlenecks that impact application effectiveness. In fact, you can improve response times up to five times faster and maintain consistent performance, even during peak demand.

These services can enhance your ability to handle rich content applications, large downloads, and dynamic web sites. Route optimization identifies optimal paths from the data center to the edge server to your location, avoiding potential trouble spots, so you and your end users are not at the mercy of slow application performance. Together we offer:

Application Performance SOLUTIONS

  • Speed performance of mission critical applications

  • Accelerate dynamic, highly-interactive applications securely

  • Gain greater application adoption

Dynamic Site SOLUTIONS

  • Deliver faster website performance for highly interactive content

  • Provide scalable capacity, on-demand, to meet peak traffic requirements

  • Improve user experience helping to increase customer loyalty and revenue

Digital Asset SOLUTIONS

  • Help enterprises deliver media and software assets quickly and effectively to global users

  • Manage unpredictable traffic spikes associated with software launches

  • Improve download performance and reduce the need for costly infrastructure build-outs

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