The Enterprise Cloud is powered by Verizon Terremark’s proven cloud computing platform, which leverages technology from world-class infrastructure providers such as HP, IBM, VMware, NetApp and Cisco to achieve comprehensive flexibility and control.

Cloud Computing PLATFORM

The grid architecture of the Enterprise Cloud provides complete physical redundancy to mitigate downtime due to hardware failure. In fact, the system can even move applications across physical devices while services continue. And automated resource balancing provides continuous monitoring and shaping to maintain peak performance.

Resource POOLS

The Enterprise Cloud architecture is based around the concept of resource pools – a segment of cloud infrastructure that gives you dedicated access to computing capacity. The system’s inherent flexibility yields high levels of availability, scalability and agility. Server-based elasticity allows servers to dip into the pool when memory and processing is required, immediately releasing those resources when they’re no longer needed.

Burst MODE

The Enterprise Cloud’s Dynamic Capacity Management feature allows you to automatically deal with unforeseen spikes in usage by enabling “burst mode” access to a pool of additional resources, available on a metered basis. This hybrid model provides the best of both worlds – dedicated, reliable access to the compute capacity you need every day, with a cost-effective and dynamic way to deal with unexpected spikes.


The Enterprise Cloud is built leveraging technology from VMware, the leader in virtual server technology. VMware’s robust and secure virtualization platform gives you freedom and control and high reliability and security. That’s why VMware is the overwhelming choice for cloud computing, in use by Fortune 100 enterprises.


Customers can create user accounts and provide access to their systems on the Enterprise Cloud. Set, define, and revoke user roles and responsibilities as needed delegating workloads amongst internal resources and creating controls for workflow management.

High Performance STORAGE

The Enterprise Cloud delivers storage on a redundant, high-performance Fiber-attached SAN architecture. Add disks to virtual servers in increments of 1GB to 512GB which pulls from the storage pool purchased for your environment. To keep track of your overall storage utilization, the Enterprise Cloud provides a dashboard of the total disk count for your environment so that you know what has been allocated and when you need to purchase additional storage capacity.

Optional Secure CONNECTIVITY

Customers can optionally subscribe to Secure Cloud Interconnect, allowing you to integrate your existing WANs to your cloud servers through a secure, high-quality, low-latency connection that offers scalability in both throughput and price.

Intuitive, Web-Based CONTROL

At the heart of the Enterprise Cloud is the easy to use management console. With the click of a mouse button you can dynamically provision new servers from a dedicated pool of physical resources, including processing, memory and storage. Select from pre-configured server templates for easy deployment, or customize your own for total control. We provide you with a full reporting interface that gives visual feedback to historical resource allocation and utilization. So it’s easy to effectively manage and optimize your server infrastructure.

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