Verizon Terremark goes above and beyond conventional data center deployments to offer choices and redundancies in facility and communication infrastructure, unmatched by many other data center providers in the world.


Verizon Terremark has the ability to provide hybrid solutions that combine traditional colocation with cloud computing environments and managed hosting. Existing physical devices and private networks can also be integrated into cloud environments as needed. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to IT infrastructure, and Verizon Terremark’s hybrid capabilities provide customers with access to various levels of support depending on their requirements.


Verizon Terremark’s Colocation server hosting offers customers controlled and managed datacenter space with myriad connectivity options to house computing, storage, telecom and application server equipment. Depending on customer requirements, open racks, cabinets, or customized caged floor spaces are available across a global footprint of hardened and secure facilities designed to withstand major environmental incidents.

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