Data center management can be one of the most complex undertakings an enterprise can face. At the same time, it can represent one of the greatest opportunities for harnessing, streamlining and augmenting the power of enterprise IT.

Whether it’s assessment, design, migration or consolidation, a well-executed data center initiative can help you maintain an uninterrupted focus on performance – and on meeting the needs of your customers and stakeholders – in the face of growing IT management and user demands.

It all comes down to proper preparation, focused planning and intelligent implementation. And Terremark's IT professional service consultants can deliver on all points.

Whether you want to augment or integrate your data center environment, we can help develop a plan that addresses your specific requirements and yields measurable results including improved strategic planning capabilities and improved application and infrastructure performance.

Ultimately, our ability to help you classify, consolidate, migrate and manage your data center assets can help you control management costs, reduce complexity and focus your efforts where they make the most impact.

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