In so many ways, growth signifies enterprise viability and strength. Growing customers reflect effective focus. Growing markets signify expanding reach. Growing initiatives represent new opportunities for profitability.

Indeed, growth is typically a positive—but not when it comes to the growing complexity associated with enterprise data. Unfortunately for many businesses, the ability to manage exploding volumes of data, backup and store that information properly and maintain its availability can become an overwhelming task without storage professional services.

Smart Storage SOLUTIONS

Verizon Terremark can help you intelligently manage data sprawl through cloud storage. Our storage professional services can help assess, streamline, integrate, implement and manage a cohesive storage environment that can improve business performance, strengthen business continuity management and effectively combat the complexities associated with storing and accessing massive amounts of data.

From data retention and storage assessments to day-to-day administration of storage networks, our enterprise IT solutions and storage professional services can help you meet increasing user needs, integrate and maintain new and changing technologies, address data storage compliance requirements and meet new application demands. Through Enterprise Cloud Storage, we can also help you put your storage network to the most intelligent and efficient use, which can help you reduce complexity and control costs.

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