Verizon Terremark’s next-generation utility computing platform eliminates the problem of underutilized, over-engineered, and rapidly aging dedicated servers.

Managed Hosting SERVICES

Working together with strategic technology partners, we’ve designed a managed infrastructure that offers revolutionary levels of flexibility and scalability, and the first platform in the industry to support the live migration of applications between physical devices with no interruption in service. Advanced virtualization technology allows processing, memory and storage on demand. So you can purchase capacity as required for seasonal or event-driven needs, optimize system utilization and perfectly align your infrastructure to your business goals.

Terremark's utility hosting architecture ensures you're always running on the best platform available. As we add new nodes based on the latest server and storage technologies, the systems average CPU speed and overall total performance metrics increase, giving your application continuous and seamless access to new levels of power and performance.

Managed Hosting Services with CUSTOM SUPPORT

When seconds of downtime are measured in tens of thousands of dollars, second best isn't good enough. Terremark's Managed Hosting services are available with the highest levels of support and reliability in the industry, built around an application-centric philosophy you simply wont find anywhere else, with application-level deep monitoring, return-to-service and troubleshooting services that keep your business-critical web application running smoothly. We include full support for leading application and database platforms, and back the service up with meaningful Service Level Agreements structured around custom business transaction monitors.

Application SUPPORT

  • J2EE Application Servers

  • Oracle

  • MySQL

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Windows Server System

  • Linux/Apache

  • Solaris

Custom Code SUPPORT

We don't hand off the problem at the boundary of your application, we extend traditional hosting support services to your custom code and third-party applications to provide the most effective and reliable managed hosting services available. Custom multi-tier transaction monitors audit your application from the standpoint of an end-user or business process to ensure you're up and running.

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