Verizon Terremark's Interconnection Services provide dramatic cost savings and flexibility via our highly-scalable, fully-redundant Exchange Point Platform (EPP).

Interconnect SERVICES

We offer network connection options ranging from DS-1/E1 to OC-768/STM-256, as well as 10/100/GigE and 10GigE connections. Terremark's centralized non-blocking switch has an in-service capacity upgrade to over 1.2 Tbps per bay to ensure that client growth is easily managed and services are delivered quickly. Terremark's Interconnection Services include both SONET and SDH digital signals, with gateway functionality for those clients who terminate their circuits outside North America. To complement our Interconnection Services, Terremark also offers options for end-to-end management and monitoring to help further reduce your operational expenses and improve overall availability.

Cross-Connect SERVICES

Our Cross-connect service enables you to conveniently share data with any other client connected to Terremark's sophisticated Exchange Point Platform. This "zero-mile" distance between you and the partners you connect with helps you to avoid many of the costs and performance issues often associated with a complex patchwork of local-loops and long-haul circuits. Terremark's carrier-neutral facilities provide the optimal environment for this flexible cross connect option. With direct connections to some of the largest backbone providers in the world, this service offers immediately recognizable cost and performance benefits.


Our Multiplexing and De-Multiplexing services facilitate the conversion of circuits and signals for more flexible, accurate and efficient transmission of traffic between two networks. This service allows clients to interconnect virtually any interface on our industry-leading Exchange Point Platform to any other client or partner, enabling a wide variety of peering or transit agreements or cross-connect arrangements. Terremark's Multiplexing & De-Multiplexing service supports both SDH/SONET and the broadest range of interfaces from DS-1/E-1 to OC-768/STM-256.

International GATEWAY

The EPP performs the necessary conversions and gateway functionality to convert SONET signals to SDH signals and vice-versa. This capability eliminates the need for clients to purchase and maintain their own expensive optical switches, while providing immense flexibility for clients to terminate and connect with each other. Terremark's Gateway service extends to the VF level to perform u-law to A-law conversion for T1 to E1 circuits, thus eliminating your need to purchase advanced channel bank equipment.


Terremark's Virtual Add/Drop Multiplexer (ADM) service is designed to accommodate both circuit-switched and advanced data services, providing a path for steady growth into the future. Our optical switching platform offers an alternative for service providers who need to terminate high-speed optical trunks at Terremark's data centers as well as at their own locations. This optical ring termination service provides the connectivity, network reliability and management needs without the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining dedicated optical line equipment.

Virtual ADM service can be deployed in any number of configurations with or without network protection, including:

  • Standard Bi-Directional Line Switch Rings (BLSR)

  • Unidirectional Path Switched Rings (UPSR) and Multiplex Section Protection (MSP1+1)

  • Optical termination line rates can be from OC-3/STM-1 to OC-192/STM-64

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