Verizon Terremark's Peering Services provide a highly secure and reliable means to exchange data, deliver IP-based services, and provide content - all in a carrier-neutral environment.


We provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional transport, helping you avoid many of the costs, delays and performance issues often associated with using a complex patchwork of local loops and long-haul transport.

By connecting to Terremark's Internet Exchange you can choose to establish either Public or Private Peering arrangements. When choosing Public Peering, VLAN connections to peers are established without using dedicated circuits. Your data is securely carried by the VLAN shared only by you and your peering or transit partners. For Private Peering, Terremark has deployed a fully-redundant Exchange Point Platform which provides you with the flexibility and functionality you need to more rapidly and cost-effectively perform a variety of key carrier functions.


  • Speeds ranging from 100 Megabit (Fast Ethernet) to 10 Gigabit Ethernet

  • Three CPU route processors for best-in-class resiliency and security

  • 8-to-1 redundant switch fabric, which reduces costs while providing over 50 Gbps to each line card

  • Distributed ASIC-Based Forwarding on every line card which provides predictable line-rate forwarding

  • A robust L2/L3 control plane which supports millions of routing table entries

  • A passive copper backplane which maximizes system reliability and minimizes costs

  • 99.999% SLA

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