Hackers like to target websites – especially when there’s opportunity for financial gain.


You don't want your reputation or your customers to suffer if you become the victim of an attack. And you definitely can't afford to lose valuable data. You need a way to secure your web applications.

Application Vulnerability Scanning is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription that enables you to run scans on your web applications as needed. Part of our data protection services, it helps you uncover vulnerabilities before they are exploited, so your corporate security and development teams can focus on remediation and attack prevention.

Our three service levels match the complexity of your web applications and risks facing them. Each delivers high-quality, accurate, verified vulnerability scanning results. Application Vulnerability Scanning can also help your enterprise address PCI DSS application security testing requirements.

  • Baseline: Automated solution for smaller, less complex, lower-risk target web applications

  • Standard: Designed for medium-risk web applications that have complex functionality requiring extensive configuration

  • Premium: Ideal for larger, more complex, mission-critical and publicly-facing web applications that are high-risk attack targets

Application Vulnerability Scanning provides you the vulnerability threat and severity scores that help you make better decisions about how to secure your web applications with the right data protection services.

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