Success in a complex world is about making the right decisions. Understanding and forecasting the implications of your choices is how successful organizations think about risk management.

Safeguard Valuable Data with a SECURITY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM

While risk comes in various shapes and flavors, security managers primarily struggle with safeguarding valuable data assets, fighting malicious threats, maintaining access to applications and information and meeting multiple regulatory requirements.

The Verizon Terremark Security Management Program (SMP) aligns the business and security needs of your organization by measuring IT risk, complementing your compliance efforts, and demonstrating your ongoing commitment to security with Terremark Cybertrust network security certifications. It provides access to expert analysts, risk briefings, and security alerts and allows for convenient reporting through an online management console. SMP is an enterprise-wide security management control assessment and validation program based on ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002 that continuously supports the management of your security risk and compliance processes.

The SMP network security certification can be a valuable asset to your organizations use of information security as a competitive advantage and demonstrates to your customers, partners, vendors, and the public that information security is a top priority for you.

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