Identity management solutions permit or deny user access to your data and applications, helping secure these critical assets.

Identity Management Solutions FOR EASY CREDENTIAL ISSUANCE

Managed credential services becomes a powerful asset when users are given secure credentials and methods to prove their identity. And it's even better when there's an easy and cost-effective way to manage these credentials.

Identity Management SOLUTIONS

Corporate ID offers managed strong authentication providing users with authentication credentials for secure access to local networks and remote access to applications and data. For U.S Federal government users, Government ID provides a turnkey managed service built on the foundation of FIPS-201 and includes issuance of credentials on smart cards or tokens, validation of credentials, full auditing, and reporting. Device ID provides bulk delivery of certificates to devices. Credit Issuance Services provide the following benefits:

  • Control and Security - Limiting the issuance of credentials to account administrators you choose

  • Expertise - Using a managed service allows you to concentrate your resources on other activities

  • Cost Control - Allowing you to benefit from volume purchasing and shared infrastructure and resources

  • Resiliency - Offering a reliable, resilient solution, we use multiple data centers with 24x7 monitoring support, which could be costly or difficult for you to replicate in-house

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