OmniRoot extends the capability of your in-house or hosted PKI to issue SSL, S/MIME and code signing certificates chained to Verizon Terremark's pre-distributed root certificate.


OmniRoot is the exclusive public root certificate pre-distributed in over 99 percent of the world's web browsers and is also present in the most popular servers, e-mail clients, mobile phones and operating systems.

By chaining your identity and trust infrastructure to OmniRoot, you can eliminate the need to deploy a root certificate to every end-user and device, and instead gain automatic recognition of your certificates.

What you get:
  • Controls the cost, time and security concerns associated with deploying a new root certificate to establish a new certification hierarchy

  • Extends Microsoft Windows 2000 and .NET Certification Authority usability by allowing you to use your Microsoft PKI with the opportunity to chain to our pre-distributed root certificate

  • Enables Microsoft users to leverage the built-in security features of Windows 2000 and XP

  • Enables secure messaging and interoperability within and beyond the enterprise

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