Security breaches are a real risk - to your data, your brand, and your reputation. But you may think that criminals are unlikely to target your organization…until they do.

Quick Data Breach Response with COMPUTER FORENSICS SERVICES

If a breach happens to you, what will you do? You need to act quickly, identify the source of the breach, contain it, and verify the extent of losses. Your priority will be to limit the impact to your organization and your customers. The negative impact of an ineffective data breach response can be a damaged reputation, ruined customer relationships, and revenue loss. And if evidence is not properly handled, the outcome of criminal and/or civil court proceedings could be adversely affected.

Someone with expertise needs to drive the investigation. Verizon Terremark Investigative Response is a benchmark in the digital forensics, computer incident response, data breach response, and IT investigative arenas. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Digital forensics

  • Fraud trend analytics

  • Computer incident response

  • Incident response training

  • Electronic data recovery

  • Malcode analysis

  • E-discovery

  • Mock incident testing

  • Underground custom intelligence

  • Litigation support

If you don't have the capabilities in-house to quickly, thoroughly, and professionally address all aspects of a data breach, turn to Terremark.

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