When security threats arise, fast response is critical for containing risk and protecting data and assets. Often, the competency and speed with which an event is handled can make as many headlines as the event itself.

Have a Computer Incident Response Team WHENEVER YOU NEED IT

The most well-defended businesses are those that prepare for the unexpected and are supported by professionals who can react in the face of the worst. With Verizon Terremark Rapid Response Retainer service, you have access to a computer incident response team of experts who can help with both. Rapid Response Retainer benefits include:

  • Dedicated Investigative Liaison: you'll be partnered with an experienced member of the Verizon Terremark computer incident response team, who will lead response efforts should a security incident occur

  • Upfront Discovery: we'll work with you to help identify ways to mature and improve your internal incident-handling capabilities

  • Incident Escalation Hotline: you'll have access to our incident hotline, staffed 24x7x365

  • Access to our Risk Intelligence Portal: this advanced portal features extensive security resources

Trust us to hit the ground running if a security threat affects your organization, because the proficiency with which you respond to threats can affect the level of your customers confidence and trust.

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