You want to address mainstream security challenges and may have limited security knowledge in house; you require security embedded into the network and desire OPEX expenses for your security infrastructure; or you have retail or small branches to secure in addition to a corporate site.

Complete Cloud Security Solutions for ANY SITUATION

You’re seeking solutions that deliver performance, security, and control operating costs.

Consistency, Cost Control, and FAST DEPLOYMENT

With Verizon Terremark Managed Managed Cloud Security Services, you’ll be able to apply a consistent, SOC-maintained set of security services to Verizon IP gateways – whether used with Internet connections, hosting environments, or to secure Internet access to private networks. MSS Cloud will provide cloud computing security services integrated with network and access services to select Terremark public and private IP product portfolios. This allows for fast implementations, flexibility in service levels, low operating costs, and requires no large capital investment or maintenance costs. We also provide the flexibility to combine cloud-based and premises-based services for a solution that best meets your goals.

When you rely on our experts, global IP network, and cloud security infrastructure, you benefit from years of security experience. We’re able to take necessary risk mitigation measures in the cloud − in many cases before threats reach your organization.

Basic Email and Web SCANNING

Our Basic Email and Web Scanning services are deployed on a multi-tenant shared platform hosted in security data centers. These data centers use proven process, facilities, and network services to deploy cloud-based services which help enhance the reliability and reduce the risks of outsourcing cloud computing security requirements to cloud-based solutions.

Basic Email (inbound) Scanning includes anti-virus and anti-spam. Web Scanning includes anti-malware and category-based URL filtering. Both features are available to eligible Verizon Private IP with Secure Gateway, Internet Dedicated, Data Center Colocation, and IP Application Hosting customers with circuits of 50 Mbps or less.

Managed Email and Web SCANNING

Managed Email or Web scans inbound and outbound emails and web content for viruses, spam, and inappropriate images and content - before they reach their destination. Our service options include Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Image Control, Content Control, Web Anti-Virus, Web Anti-Spyware, and Web URL Filtering. Let us assist you in enforcing your acceptable use policy and protecting your image, credibility, security, and reputation.


Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are on the rise. They are an attempt to make computer resources unavailable to users − and their goal is to prevent an Internet site from functioning normally, to block access to web servers, and to inflict financial loss. A successful DoS attack can cause you to incur expenses and may have a significant impact on your brand, competitiveness, and customer confidence. Terremark's DOS Defense service is a network-based DDoS protection service that provides customers the ability to detect and divert potentially malicious DDoS traffic away from your network, thus allowing you to maintain the availability of your Internet resources for legitimate users.


The Internet is your passport to global collaboration, but security breaches targeting Internet-based transactions have become alarmingly common, putting your infrastructure and your data at risk. You can mitigate this risk through the installation of a gateway from your Verizon private network to the Internet. The firewall on the network access gateway can be monitored and managed though a Verizon Security Operations Center (SOC). Managed Security Service for Network Based Firewall Secure Gateway provides monitoring and data management services for the “custom” Firewall of the Secure Gateway infrastructure.

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