When you need to address a broad range of security challenges, require custom security architectures, or need a comprehensive security device manager solution for security devices you own, you can reduce your risk by choosing a platform that anticipates problems, takes corrective action, and shows practical results.

Critical Onsite Network Security MONITORING & MANAGEMENT

MSS Premises provides network security monitoring and management of security devices located on your premises and is maintained by Security Operations Centers (SOCs).

Device and Network Security Monitoring: We monitor the availability and health of security devices located on your premises and connected to our SOCs 24x7. Logs and alerts generated by devices are correlated, classified, and analyzed by our proprietary SEAM (State & Event Analysis Machine) engine and are interpreted by security analysts. We investigate incidents and take timely action to respond to threats. Risk Based Correlation provides a Risk Calculation based on Likelihood and Impact of the threat on your assets.

Security Device Manager: We provide proactive management and maintenance of the operating system and software of all your security devices. This also includes the installation of security patches, hot fixes, service packs, product updates, management of rule-sets and security policies, restoration of devices, and the management of configuration backups.


Our Managed Security Services Premises-based services include:

  • Firewall

  • Application Level Firewall

  • Proxy Server

  • Virtual Private Network

  • Network IDS/IPS

  • Host IDS/IPS

  • Unified Threat Management

  • E-mail Security Gateway

  • Content Screening

  • Network Access Controller

  • Security Event Mgmt. - Security Event Information Mgmt.

  • Log Monitoring and Management

  • Database Protection

  • File Integrity and Policy Compliance Monitoring

Let us provide you with actionable information including risk rating, criticality, and possible impact – so you can better understand the nature of security incidents. Actionable intelligence and risk ratings are the key to how we can help you allocate the right resources against the most dangerous threats.

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